Friday, July 29, 2016

Fulton Facts

You know those little nuggets of info that need to be shared with your students, but they are not necessarily included/covered/taught somewhere else?  Of course, you could just tell them...during which time it would go in one ear and out the other...

As I am teaching my students about Fulton Sheen, I am trying my best to do things that appeal to a variety of learners, and one thing that I know is that kids do better when they can see something as well as hear it.  So I decided to supplement our regular work with some "Fulton Facts"- not lessons in and of themselves, but important info that will help them get to know Sheen.

This set has eight facts, and the kids can put them where ever in their Sheen Notebook that they want.  Some of the facts fit well in certain areas, like this one on the Mary page...
and this one on the prayer page...
and some of them can just fill in random blank pages.
We'll add more later, and the kids are welcome to write anything interesting that they learn.

Click here for a printable of these Fulton Facts

(content originally posted April 6, 2013 here)

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