Life of Sheen

Check out these resources for teaching an autobiogrpahical study of Fulton Sheen:
*indicates free printable in post

Fulton Sheen Notebook*- Notebooking is a great way to organize and assess a Fulton Sheen study
Fulton Sheen Lapbook- Similar to a notebook, but for a shorter time period or younger students
Fulton Sheen Timeline*- Fold out 16 part timeline or mini book chronically major events in Sheen's life with facts and pictures ready to color
Servant of All Documentary Mini Book*- Watch the Fulton Sheen documentary and follow allong with these questions for each section
Fulton Facts*- Facts cards with interesting info about Fulton Sheen
A Bishop's Coat of Arms*- Several printables about Fulton Sheen (and Bishop Daniel Jenky's) Coat of Arms and a blank coat of arms for students to create their own
Fulton Sheen Journal Writing*- Ideas and topic cards for writing about Sheen's life and teachings
Fulton Sheen Jeopardy Trivia Game- Test your knowledge of facts about Sheen with this interactive game
Footsteps of Fulton Sheen Field Trip Pilgrimage- Locations in Peoria, IL and El Paso, IL
Footsteps of Fulton Sheen Field Trip Pilgrimage*- Scavenger hunt clues and bus games
Ideas for Celebrating Fulton Sheen's Feast Day- Including a video interview with Bonnie from A Knotted Life

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