About Teaching with Fulton Sheen:
In my classroom, I have been inspired to use the life of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen to lead my 5th graders on a learning experience.  We focus on the life of Sheen, how the Sacraments are lived out in a real way, and the Canonization process, as well as topics that Sheen taught throughout his life, including prayer and a devotion to Our Lady.

There is a wealth of information out there about Sheen, but not necessarily much written/created to the level of kids, so I have been working from scratch in a lot of ways.  Because I believe teaching is never about reinventing the wheel, I'd like to share my resources here.  Even if you are not planning on teaching a multi-week unit on Sheen, you might be inspired to study another saint in depth, or use an activity on Mary or the Sacraments or Canonization.  Hopefully you find something good that is inspiring both to you and to the students you work with.

About Katie:
Hello! I'm Katie!

You can find me over at Look to Him and Be Radiant, where I regularly blog and share free resources for teaching, printables, coloring pages, and more.

I live in small town Central Illinois, home of Fulton Sheen's birthplace, childhood, and ordination.  In 2012, at a new teaching assignment in his home Diocese of Peoria, I decided to teach my 5th graders both about his life and the things he taught.  All of the Fulton Sheen resources I created for my students are organized right here for you to use in your home or classroom.

You can contact me in the comm box below, or send an email to looktohimandberadiant (at) gmail (dot) com.

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